About myself

My father’s family migrated from Bukhara in present day Uzbekistan to India in the seventeenth century. A record of family transitions was available in the Punjab Library in Lahore, Pakistan.
I was born in the State of Hyderabad in 1947, now part of India, and have dual citizenship of Pakistan (1950) and Canada, where I landed as an immigrant in 1994.
My early education was at schools run by the Catholic nuns and brothers in Lahore,  but I passed my school certificate exam from a boarding school in Sargodha. I was selected by Pakistan International Airlines for pilot training  in 1967 during an undergraduate program at college.

3 thoughts on “About myself

  1. Hi – I have recently read Harry Hawker’s book ‘Our Atlantic Attempt’. In looking for more information I came across your blog on this topic. It is superb in giving the human background as well as the aviation details of the Atlantic race. Looking further at your blog I can see a remarkable and vast collection of material which I look forward to reading.

    Best wishes – Andy Cornwell

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