About myself

My father’s family migrated from Bukhara in present day Uzbekistan to India in the seventeenth century. A record of family transitions was available in the Punjab Library in Lahore, Pakistan.
I was born in the State of Hyderabad in 1947, now part of India, and have dual citizenship of Pakistan (1950) and Canada, where I landed as an immigrant in 1994.
My early education was at schools run by the Catholic nuns and brothers in Lahore,  but I passed my school certificate exam from a boarding school in Sargodha. I was selected by Pakistan International Airlines for pilot training  in 1967 during an undergraduate program at college.

16 thoughts on “About myself

  1. Hi – I have recently read Harry Hawker’s book ‘Our Atlantic Attempt’. In looking for more information I came across your blog on this topic. It is superb in giving the human background as well as the aviation details of the Atlantic race. Looking further at your blog I can see a remarkable and vast collection of material which I look forward to reading.

    Best wishes – Andy Cornwell

  2. Salam Alaikum.

    My father, Late Captain ASN Hyder flew for Orient Airways an PIAC in the company of all the legends of PIA.
    To my knowledge, all his colleagues, with the exception of Capt. S.S. Akbar and Capt. Muhammadul Ameen have passed on.

    I’d be extremely grateful if you could help me to get in touch with Cap.S.S. Akbar.

    Fi Amanillah.

    Iftikhar Ahmed Nasir

  3. Thank you. I was trying to find the incident when the plane he was flying belly landed at Karachi airport. I didn’t see this in your article PIA accidents.

    • The one i am looking for was a flight took off from Karachi for Quetta, had to return back to Karachi and and ultimately landed without nose wheel. I am unable to see this story. I believe it was in 1980 or 1981

      • Yes it happened. But like the Mehrabad Airport landing at Tehran there was no one hurt and the aircraft landed without the nosewheel because it didn’t come out. There were two captains on board, Amjad Faizi was in charge.

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