Runway Markings [Pilot Refresher]

Runway Markings

In the interest of safety, regularity or efficiency of aircraft operations, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recommended for the guidance of the public the following airport marking (Runway numbers and lettered are determined from the approach direction. The number is the whole number nearest one-tenth the magnetic azimuth of the centreline of the runway, measured clockwise from the magnetic north). The letter or letters between parallel runways:

For two parallel runways “L” “R” [Left and Right]

For three parallel runways “L” “C” ‘R’ [Left, Centre, Right]

thumbnail_IMG_9921Basic Runway Marking: markings used for operations under Visual Flight Rules: centreline marking and runway direction numbers.

thumbnail_IMG_9920Non-precision Instrument Runway Marking: markings on runways served by a non-visual navigation aid and intended for landings under instrument weather conditions: basic runway markings plus threshold marking.

thumbnail_IMG_9924Precision Instrument Runway Marking: markings on runway served by non-visual precision approach aids and on runways having special operational requirements, non-precision instrument runway marking, touchdown zone marking, fixed distance marking, plus side stripe. Fixed Distance Marker: to provide a fixed distance marker for landing of turbojet aircraft on other than a precision instrument runway. This marking is similar to the fixed distance marking on a precision instrument runway and located 1,000 feet from the threshold.

thumbnail_IMG_9923Threshold: a line perpendicular to the runway centreline designating the of a runway usable for landing. beginning of that portion. Displaced Threshold: a threshold that is not at the beginning of the full strength runway pavement.

thumbnail_IMG_9922Closed or Overrun/ Stopway Areas: any surface or area which appears usable but which, due to the nature of its structure, is unusable.

thumbnail_IMG_9925STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) Runway: in addition to the normal runway number marking, the letters STOL are painted on the approach end of the runway and a touchdown aim point is shown.

thumbnail_IMG_9929Closed runway or taxiway

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6 thoughts on “Runway Markings [Pilot Refresher]

  1. In the uk we push the aircraft from
    Ramp release tow bar remove the
    The nose gear chock while steering
    Pin is removed .. the pilot then applys
    Further thurst to engines puts on
    Taxi light gives thumps up to us and
    Moves to the holding point green
    Lights .
    We on the ramp only know the basic
    Signs on the aerodrome
    Ie taxi crossing which we use

    • Yes Rayhan this is the procedure. At times engine starting is also done while the pushback is going on. The last call to the ground crews who conducted the pushback is remove all connections, give hand signal, khuda hafiz. (goodbye). With ATC you will ask permission to start up and then for pushback giving the stand #.

  2. Asaulkum capt Hussain
    Thank you for your reply .
    PIA 777 operating from Heathrow from
    21/3/20 are operating as freighters
    No passengers because of the
    Convid 19 virus .

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