Contact Update

4 September 2019:

This website provides adequate provision for a response from readers in the comment section of the article posted. Please do not hesitate to leave your remarks if you choose to. I may or may not respond to your comments and you may get in touch with me through your comments only.

4 thoughts on “Contact Update

  1. Walaikum asalaam. I have as much influence on PIA policy as you may have. I do not know why they did not continue to Europe and America. Maybe the competition was too great or maybe their carrying capacity along with the passengers was limited. When the cargo operation was cancelled to Hong Kong somewhere in 1982, we were operating on behalf of Cathay Pacific. They simply took over.

  2. AP AXG possiable passenger to
    Conversion after 1974 spend on
    Lease to British Caledonian in
    1972. AP BBK bought from
    Saudia in 1981
    Both had windows both not
    320C but 340C possiable cargo conversion some were along the line

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