Overconfidence “Memories of Captain Javaidullah”

F-27 Northern Area

Prior to the fall off Dacca in Dec 1971, I flew as a passenger from Lahore to Karachi on a scheduled Fokker F-27 flight stopping enroute at Multan. I had taken this feeder flight for ease in getting a seat and also a familiarity with the crew. I was a F-27 co-pilot in those days. After a noon departure from Multan, we flew the sector MUX-KHI at an altitude of 12000 or 14000 feet msl. It was winter, so it could be early ’71. We were in clouds throughout; there was icing and continuous noise of the propellers shedding ice on the fuselage (body) of the aircraft. There were increases in power (to maintain speed probably) but I did not discern any change in altitude. The turbulence was continuous, moderate to severe which at times caused me discomfort, I could say alarm momentarily. But being a crew member also, off duty though, I had to keep my composure in the cabin where I was seated. The co-pilot, Bakhtiyar was a colleague from the initial flying aptitude testing days at Walton Airport Lahore, prior to joining PIA.

In January 1972, I learnt that Capt. Javaidullah had died in an air accident of a Fokker F-27 in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. I also lost a colleague in that accident, First Officer Javaid Inayat who was also a graduate from the PIA Flying Academy. Later I learnt from his brother-in-law, Chief Flight Engineer Khwaja Naseem, B747, that he was his wife’s brother when I flew with him on the 747. The weather was bad that day for the return flight from Gilgit, and they had as a result not taken the direct route but were flying along the Indus River in the valley. There is a characteristic bend in the river’s course known as the Sazeen Bend, west of Chilas, and the aircraft crashed near here hitting the side of the valley while they were trying to turn back. The speed apparently was high and the flaps which would have slowed down the aircraft for better maneuvering were not taken; the arc (radius) of the turn was greater as a result. Maybe Capt. Javaidullah pressed his luck too far. Maybe he had become overconfident, we will never know 

Fokker F-27-600; AP-AUS; 8/12/1972the aircraft departed Gilgit at 0640 for Rawalpindi. It crashed into a snow covered mountain 9,000 feet high above the village Maidan about 8 miles south of Jalkot in the Indus Valley. There were 31 on board, all died. Cockpit crew was: Captain Javaidullah & First Officer Javed Inayat

Registration            Fate Type Manufacture Delivery
AP-AUS Crashed Sazeen Bend Indus Valley, 8/12/1972, Capt Javaidullah F-27-600 1966 16/12/1966


Registration                      Fate      Type Manufacture Delivery
AP-ALM Crashed write off Rawat 6/8/1970, Capt Anwarullah F-27 200 1960 1/3/1961
AP-ALN Write off 5/7/1994 F-27 200 1960 1/19/1961
AP-ALO Write off 25/6/1964 F-27 200 1961 2/6/1961
AP-ALW WFU 2003 F-27-400 1961 19/10/1961
AP-ALX crashed  12/12/1971 Capt Mubashar Ahmed F-27-200 1961 16/11/1961
AP-ATO Write off 16/3/1977; Both engines inadvertently shut down during test flight. Captain Feroze Zafar Khan F-27-200 1964 13/8/1964
AP-ATT Write off 8/10/1965 F-27-200 1965 23/7/1965
AP-ATU WFU 2003 F-27-200 1965 8/7/1965
AP-AUR Write off 10/6/2004 F-27-200 1966 30/4/1966
AP-AUS Crashed Sazeen Bend Indus Valley, 8/12/1972, Capt Javaidullah F-27-600 1966 16/12/1966
AP-AUV Crashed Shamshernagar, Capt. Abu Salem F-27-200 1967 14/6/1067
AP-AUW Write off 23/12/1972 F-27-200 1967 27/6/1967
AP-AUX Write off 23/10/1986 F-27-600 1967 30/4/1967
AP-AXB WFU 2000 F-27-200 1965 6/4/1973
AP-AXF Write off 5/6/1981 F-27-600 1968 6/7/1973
AP-BAL Write off 10/7/2006 Multan F-27-200 1964 26/1/1979
AP-BAO WFU 7/2006 F-27-200 1963 1/6/1979
AP-BBF Missing  on return from Gilgit 25/8/1989 F-27-200 1962 28/8/1981
AP-BBG Transferred 18/1/1982 F-27-200 1964 18/1/1982
AP-BCT WFU 4/2005 F-27-200 1965 29/6/1986
AP-BCZ WFU 4/2006 F-27-200 1966 2/9/1987
AP-BDB WFU 7/2006 F-27-200 1966 22/6/1988
AP-BDF Transferred Navy 9/1988 F-27-200 1966 20/4/1988
AP-BDG Transferred Navy 9/1988 F-27-200 1964 6/7/1988
AP-BDP WFU 10/1999 F27-200 1961 11/1989
AP-BDQ WFU 7/2006 F-27-200 1984 12/1989
AP-BDR WFU 7/2006 F-27-200 1959 7/1990
AP-BDS WFU 04/2005 F-27-200 1959 2/1990
AP-BHF WFU 7/2006 F-27-500R 1982 6/2005

In my time on Fokker F-27 from 1969-1975–5 crashes:

1964-1975–7 crashes,

1975-2006–7 crashes

WFU = withdrawn from use









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