Flying to Gilgit, Skardu & Chitral 1969-1975



Fokker F-27 in Gilgit


Feature Image includes Chitral, Gilgit & Skardu


September 1969 Gilgit Skardu Aircraft Captain Remarks
16 X   AP-AUX Shaukat Ali 1 Takeoff
16 X   AP-AUX Shaukat Ali  
17   X AP-AUX Shaukat Ali 1 Takeoff
17   X AP-AUX Shaukat Ali 1Takeoff
20   X AP-AUX S.A.H. Rizvi  
30 X   AP-AUX S.A.H. Rizvi  
30   X AP-AUX Sharif Chief Pilot
3 X   AP-ALW S.A.H. Rizvi 1 Takeoff
3   X AP-ALW Shaukat Ali  
9   X AP-AUX S.A.H. Rizvi 1 Takeoff
27 X   AP-AUW Masud Ahmad  
29   X AP-ALW Osman Khan Extra Section
29   X AP-ALW Rahat

Extra Section;

1 Takeoff, 1 Landing

7   X AP-AUX Shaukat Ali Pk 629, 1 Landing
8   X AP-AUX Nayyer  
9 X   AP-AUW Rahat

Pk 626-1 Takeoff; Pk 627-1 Landing

15   X AP-ALW Rahat Extra Section; 1 Takeoff, 1 Landing
20   X AP-AUX Nayyer  
25 X   AP-AUW S.A.H. Rizvi 1 Take off
26   X AP-AUW Fida  
January 1970
4 X AP-AUX S.A.H. Rizvi
4   X   S.A.H. Rizvi Extra Section, trip aborted near Golf Course (Zulu Bend); 2 hours, 1 Takeoff
18 X   AP-AUX Masud Ahmad  
23   X   Masud Ahmad Trip aborted, 50 minutes round trip
6   X AP-ALN Sharif  
12 X   AP-ALM Abbas  
13 X   AP-ALW Osman Khan  
19   X AP-ALN Masud Ahmad  
3   X AP-AUX Nayyer  
23   X AP-ALM Osman Khan  


10 X   AP-ALN Osman Khan  
11 X   AP-ALN Osman Khan  
19 X   AP-ALM Osman Khan  
20 X   AP-ALM S.A.H. Rizvi Pk 627, 1 Landing
19 X   AP-ALW S.A.H. Rizvi Pk 626, 1 Takeoff
28 X   AP-ALW Masud Ahmad  
28 X   AP-ALW Masud Ahmad  
30 X   AP-AUW Amin Akhtar
2 X   AP-ALW Fida  
7 X   AP-AUW Masud Ahmad  
11 X   AP-ALN Rahat  
20 X   AP-AUW Fida Extra Section
23   X AP-ALM Rahat  
5 X AP-ALW Amin Akhtar Could bring only one passenger from Skardu because of temperature and weight limitation.

Aircraft was flown by First Officer Ejaz-ul-Huk, who was P1 u/s, in the centre of the valley by the direct route.

Cloud base was restrictive.

14 X     Osman Khan  
19   X AP-ALM Rahat  
24 X   AP-ALN Masud Ahmad  
25 X   AP-ALM Amin Akhtar  
4   X AP_ALW Amin Akhtar  
16 X   AP-ALN Masud Ahmad  
6   X AP-ALN Rahat  
3   X AP-ALW Fida
Requested transfer to Lahore and on Oct 11, 1970, operated first flight from Lahore Base.
September 1975
12   Chitral AP-AXF Jamali RWP-PEW-CJL-



1 Gilgit   AP-AXF Pervaiz Saeed



1 Landing at RWP



  1. Shaukat Ali
  2. A.H. Rizvi: early mentor.
  3. Sharif: was Chief Pilot Rawalpindi Base when I first reported in August 1969 as Cadet Pilot.
  4. Masud Ahmad: became Chief Pilot after Sharif.
  5. Osman Khan: Flight Safety Officer
  6. Rahat: most experienced pilot on Fokker F-27
  7. Nayyer
  8. Fida
  9. Abbas
  10. Amin Akhtar
  11. Jamali
  12. Pervaiz Saeed









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