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This data represents some of the well known cases. Equally important and missed out are at least three other accidents whose information is not present but are known to me. There were 2 accidents involving the Fokker F-27 Friendship, one in late 1975 (or early 1976), and the other in 1976 involving an undershoot at Sukkur (AP-ATO). Both aircraft were repaired. In the first accident, while landing, the engine autofeathered, and the pilots could not control the direction as the aircraft left the runway on one engine. The repair by Fokker of Holland took three months adjacent to the runway in Peshawar. Another accident with an Airbus A300  involved an abort after V1 at Karachi after the tyres were rendered unserviceable. This happened due to debris of the engine cowling left by the preceding flight. The vibration was so intense in the words of the captain, that he was unable to read the instruments.  

The safest equipment with PIA with regard to accident and incident statistics has been the Boeing fleet comprising B707/720s; 737-340, 747-200/300 and B777 200/300 used  for fifty years now from the 1960s.


Horizontal axis 1= Fatal; 2 = Non-Fatal


Horizontal axis 1= Fatal; 2 = Non-Fatal


Horizontal axis 1= Fatal; 2 = Non-Fatal


Horizontal axis 1= Fatal; 2 = Non-Fatal


Horizontal axis 1= Fatal; 2 = Non-Fatal


  1. Convair 240
  2. Douglas DC-3 (Dakota)
  3. Vickers Viscount 815
  4. Fokker F-27 Friendship
  5. Sikorski S61N, Helicopter
  6. Boeing 707/ 720
  7. De-Havilland Twin Otter DHC-6-300
  8. McDonnell Douglas DC10-30
  9. B747-200/300
  10. Boeing 737-340
  11. B777-200/300
  12. Airbus A300B4
  13. Airbus A310-308
  14. Airbus A320-214°
  15. ATR 42-500
  16. ATR 72-500

Date & timings are GMT/UTC

Convair CV 240-5 (Period covered 1956 to 1958)

  1. AP-AHO: Non-fatal on 25/12/1956 (Bombay; mid-air collision with light plane)
  2. AP-AEH: Fatal on 15/5/1958 (New Delhi; captain disoriented on night takeoff)


Douglas DC-3 (Dakota) Period covered 1956 to 1965. (9 years, 5 crashes, 3 fatal)

  1. AP-ACZ: Fatal on 25/2/1956 (Northern Areas; weather; collision with terrain)
  2. AP-AJS: Fatal on 1/7/1957 (Chittagong, disintegrated in storm)
  3. AP-ABC: Non-fatal on 29/1/1960 (Nagpur; mid-air collision with glider)
  4. AP-AAC: Non-fatal on 22/3/1961 (Pabna, East Pakistan; crashed on proving flight)
  5. AP-AAH: Fatal on 26/3/1965 (Lowari Pass at 9,000 ft, Northern Areas, weather)


Vickers Viscount 815 (Period covered 1959)

  1. AP-AJC: Non-fatal on 18/5/1959 (Rawalpindi; skidded into ditch after landing)
  2. AP-AJE: Fatal on 14/8/1959 (training flight; 2 engine out go around attempted)


Sikorsky S61N Helicopter

  1. AP-AOC: Fatal on 2/2/1966 (Faridpur East Pakistan, bird hit)
  2. AP-AOA: Fatal on 10/12/1966 (Near Dacca, training flight)


Fokker F-27 Friendship (period covered 1964-2006). 42 years, 15 crashes, 10 fatal

  1. AP-ALO: Non-fatal on 25/6/1964 (Dacca, weather related)
  2. AP-ATT: Fatal on 8/10/1965 (Northern Areas)
  3. AP-ALM: Fatal on 6/8/1970 (Rawalpindi, weather)
  4. AP-AUV: Fatal on 30/12/1970 (Shamshernagar; ground fine pitch selected on approach)
  5. AP-ALX: Fatal on 12/12/1971 (1971 War)
  6. AP-AUS: Fatal on 8/12/1972 (Northern Areas, weather)
  7. AP-AUW: Fatal on 23/12/1972 (Lyallpur; captain not at controls)
  8. AP-ATO: Fatal on 16/3/1977 (Karachi; test flight, both engines inadvertently shut down)
  9. AP-AXF: Non-fatal on 5/6/1981 (Gilgit, training flight)
  10. AP-AUX: Fatal on 25/10/1986 (Peshawar, distracted captain)
  11. AP-BBF: Fatal on 25/8/1989 (Still missing in Northern Areas)
  12. AP-ALN: Non-fatal on 5/7/1994 (D.I. Khan, single engine overshoot, aircraft write off)
  13. AP-AUR: Non-fatal on 10/6/2004 (Chitral, overshot runway, aircraft write off)
  14. AP-BAO: Non fatal on 13/7/2005 (Lahore, engine propeller pitch problem while landing, parts missing after engine replacement; poor maintenance)
  15. AP-BAL: Fatal on 10/7/2006 (Multan, takeoff continued with engine failure before V1)


Boeing 707/ 720 (period covered is 1965 to 1994)

720 B

  1. AP-AMH: Fatal on 19/5/1965 (Cairo,; captain unfamiliar with airport)
  2. AP-ATQ: Non-fatal on 24/6/1967 (Nose wheel extension failure Tehran Iran)
  3. AP-AMJ: Non-fatal on 8/1/1972 (Ankara; poor communication in cockpit)
  4. AP-BAF: Non-fatal on 8/1/1981 (Nose wheel extension failure, Karachi)



  1. AP-AVZ: Non-fatal on 15/12/1971 (Urumqi, 1971 War)
  2. AP-AWV: Non-fatal on 5/7/1975 (Islamabad, Ground fire)
  3. AP-AWZ: Fatal on 26/11/1979 (Taif SA, cabin fire in air at altitude)


De-Havilland Twin Otter DHC-6-300

  1. AP-AWH: Non-fatal on 4/12/1971 (Dacca; destroyed in war due enemy action)
  2. AP-BCH: Non-fatal on 15/9/1985 (Islamabad; aircraft destroyed in static collision in storm)


McDonnell Douglas DC 10-30

AP-AXE: Non-fatal accident on 2/2/1981 (Karachi; aircraft gutted in fire, sabotage?)


Boeing 747-200/300 (period covered 1976 to 2014)

  1. AP-AYW: Non-fatal on 4/2/1988 (Islamabad; gear up landing)
  2. AP-BCO: Non-fatal on 26/3/2000 (Jeddah; ferry flight, engine fire on landing)
  3. AP-BAK: Non-fatal on 20/7/2003 (Islamabad; takeoff abort)
  4. AP-BFV: Non-fatal on 8/1/2014 (Karachi; aircraft not airworthy in terrorist action)


Boeing 737-340 (period covered 1981-2013)

  1. AP-BCE: Non-fatal on 21/10/1997 (Karachi; runway overrun in rain)
  2. AP-BCE: Non-fatal on 18/1/1999 (Lahore; wing and engine strike runway on landing)
  3. AP-BCC: Non-fatal on 3/9/2006 (Doha, aircraft right elevator missing in flight)
  4. AP-BEH: No- fatal on 11/2/2013 (Muscat, left gear collapse on landing; aircraft write off)


Airbus A300B4 (Period covered 1978 to 2004)

  1. AP-BAZ: Non-fatal on 18/3/1991 (Islamabad; overrun of runway in rain)
  2. AP-BCP: Fatal on 28/9/1992 (Kathmandu; collision with terrain)
  3. AP-BBV: Non-fatal on 25/5/2001(Cruise, explosive depressurization)
  4. AP-BCJ: Non-fatal on 17/10/2001 (Dubai; right main gear strut failure; aircraft write off)
  5. AP-BBA: Non-fatal on 1/3/2004 (Jeddah; takeoff abort at high speed; aircraft total loss)


Airbus A310-308 (Period covered 1991-2014)

  1. AP-BEC: Non-fatal on 6/10/2013 (Karachi; engine fire on takeoff; aircraft later grounded)
  2. AP-BEB: Non-fatal on 18/11/2013 (Karachi; engine fire during climb out; aircraft later grounded)
  3. AP-BDZ: Non-fatal on 8/1/2014 (Karachi; aircraft written off in terrorist action)
  4. AP-BGN: Fatal on 24/6/2014 (Peshawar, firing from ground on aircraft while landing; I passenger died, two cabin crew wounded)


Boeing 777-240LR

  1. AP-BGY: Non -Fatal on 3 January 2017 at Toronto Pearson, taxiing incident with Air France
  1. AP-BGZ: Non -fatal on 18 November 2018 at Karachi. Engine inlet cowling damaged by passenger boarding bridge.


Airbus A320-214

1. AP-BLA: Non-Fatal on 8 August 2016, hydraulic problem on landing with aircraft leaving runway. FOD in engines.

  1. AP-BLB: Non-fatal on 11 July 2017, bird hit on approach at Peshawar. Repaired.

  2. AP-BLD: Non-fatal on 5 September 2017. Hydraulic problem while landing.

  3. AP-BLU: Non-fatal on 11 October 2017. Cargo compartment fire warning in air.

  4. AP-BLV: Non-fatal on 5 June 2018; storm damage on ground, repaired.


ATR 42-500

  1. AP-BHO: Non-fatal on 30/5/2009 (Lahore; aircraft skidded on runway; damaged and out of service for 6 months)
  2. AP-BHJ: Non-fatal on 31/8/2012 (Lahore; touchdown in overrun area while landing; aircraft damaged beyond repair)
  3. AP-BHO: Fatal on 7 December 2016; aircraft write off in crash.


ATR 72-500

  1. AP-BKY: Non fatal on 5 June 2018. Storm damaged but repaired
  2. AP-BKY: Non fatal on 10 November 2018. Overrun of runway at Panjgur.
  3. AP-BKW on 24 November 2018. Collision with another aircraft during test engine run up at Karachi. Repaired.

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