Air Hostess Uniform PIA

Reputed national and international dress designers were tasked by the airline for the uniforms of their air hostesses (flight attendants). The designers included names like Feroze Cowasji, Pierre Cardin and Sir Hardy Amies.

1954 to 1956 : the uniform comprised a skirt, jacket, blouse and a matching cap.


1956 to 1960:  Air Hostess Momi Gul Durrani (right) in 1950s uniform.




The uniform was designed jointly by well-known dress designer Laila Shahzada from Pakistan,  and Chausie Fountainer, an American woman of French descent who was  a cabin crew trainer with PIA on deputation from Pan American World Airways. In this design a white shalwar and dupatta were set off by a green shirt with white cuffs and collar. Shoes and bags were black. The most interesting item of this uniform was a jaunty green cap for the hostesses.

1960-66: Air-Hostesses wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasji. In the background is a Boeing 707-121, leased from Pan American World Airways..



1966 to 1975: Air Hostess is wearing a uniform designed by Pierre Cardin (left).

Air Hostess Jennifer Breganza serving First Class passengers aboard Boeing 707-340C  jetliner (right)


                         Air Hostess Aijaz Qureshi welcoming the passengers (above right)

1975-1986:  Air Hostess Sabeena Iftikhar wearing uniform designed by Sir Hardy Amies (right).



The printed dupatta was inspired by the folk wear of Pakistani village women.The purple and magenta kameezes had embroidered fronts, with green shalwars and pretty printed dupattas inspired by the folk wear of Pakistani village women. Teamed with black bags and smartly styled comfortable black leather sandals, these bright uniforms introduced a cheerful note on board.

1986-2003 : the uniform was the work of  by well-known Pakistani dress designer Mrs. Nahid Azfar in 1986.


The shalwar kameez outfit was in 4 colours, moss green and old rose for summer and burgundy and PIA green for winter. The winter uniform was worn with a traditional Moghul sleeveless waistcoat with flowery trailing vine pattern in green and maroon on a beige background. Both outfits came with matching dupattas trimmed with a braid.



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